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Sunday, December 18, 2011


This is a bit crazy to even consider, but wow, "I Don't Know Why," the first Suede track since 2003.

Just live now, and clearly rough since Brett is still not even sure of the lyrics (not the first time I've seen a singer with a lyric sheet; Michael Stipe has one for every song, so not sure why some people are freaking out). The song is solid, sort of a mix of latter day Suede and Brett Anderson solo; not epic, in other words, but still exciting.

I'll admit to having high expectations, but the general thrill of a mention of "I Don't Know Why" landing in my inbox was pretty amazing. New Suede singles were always something I used to build to and get geared up for, so even in the old days, it was rare to get surprised with no warning like this.

The band are clearly using this Russian tour to sort out some new material. In addition to "I Don't Know Why," there is a snippet of something allegedly called "Falling Planes," a video here connecting the end of a song called "The Only" to one called "Someone Better," and a slower song called "Sabotage."

The band keeps playing coy about the prospect of a new album, and probably smartly so--it gives them the option of walking away if it never gels--but these leaks give us new hope.

I also quite like this audio of Brett covering the Horrors on the radio.

I've been a bit frustrated lately at not being able to get my hands on the B-sides to "Crash About to Happen," since they are UK-only downloads and have not been physically released. Anyone got the hook-up?

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