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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


As all have probably guessed, I am not doing Comic Con International in San Diego this year. It just didn't seem prudent at the time I had to make my plans. There will, however, be a big announcement happening regarding my collaboration with Natalie Nourigat, so keep an eye out for Oni Press' news. (And, of course, watch this space.)

I'll also be participating (fingers crossed) in a Tr!ckster challenge put down by Scott Morse to write a daily "noir"-type story, starting on Thursday. Wish me luck!

If you are at the show and want to meet Mike Norton and the Allreds and get an It Girl and the Atomics poster, the guys will be at the Image Comics booth from 1 to 2 pm on Saturday. This is a ticketed event, limited to 50 people, so stop by Image early to find out how to get in on it. Their full schedule is here.

In the meantime, read the latest It Girl and the Atomics-related interview with yours truly, this time over at CBR.

The relationship between The Skunk and It Girl is an interesting one -- he accidentally killed her sister, but she's back from the dead and he's out of prison now. How does that dynamic play into the story?
Having never really written superheroes before, lots of interesting questions have come up for me. Just dealing with the basic comic book tropes, I keep finding spots where I'm like, "How does this work?" In the first issue, I have It Girl wonder why any petty thief would stay in a city that has a superhero, where you can't get away with anything. I laughed when I recently saw that Mark Millar had a book that started off with that very premise. 
So, when I was reading over the original "Atomics" comics in preparation for the series, I realized Skunk is sent to jail and then forgotten, and I started to wonder what that means when, essentially, the person he is convicted of killing is no longer dead. Does he still serve the time? That event will prove to have deeper consequences throughout this arc for both the Skunk and It Girl and her family, it's not easily dismissed. I also liked how It Girl and Lava Lass were so different and that there was a little sibling rivalry there, so here the little sister might be able to do something for the big sister, maintain a sense of balance or justice on her behalf.
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