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Thursday, July 19, 2012



* Beasts of the Southern Wild, a noble effort with great acting and beautiful cinematography, but overbearing music and a muddled script.

* The Dark Knight Rises, maybe the most anticipated movie of the year. But must what goes up also come down?

* Trishna. It's a bummer summer with Michael Winterbottom adapting Thomas Hardy. Pity poor Freida Pinto. 


* Design for Living, a lithe comedy from Noël Coward, directed by Ernst Lubitisch. Love triangles at their most pointed!

*  Le havre, a middling dramedy from Aki Kaurismäki


* Treme: The Complete Second Season. HBO's most challenging show is a lot like life. And, hey, ain't life worth it?

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Anonymous said...

Might want to drop that gun bit from the Dark Knight review. Ass. Also it is not two and a half hours. Fact check you dick.

Jamie S. Rich said...

Considering that it is just about 10 a.m. where I live and I am just getting last night's news, your quick reaction to the line in my review that you're objecting to might be a little overzealous. It's a fair point, and one less caustic individuals messaged me about, and I've already taken action. Believe it or not, while I was reading about what happened, my first thought was not of myself nor of what I had written and posted nearly 24 hours before this tragedy occurred. My thoughts were with the people suffering today.

But you're clearly a literal minded person who can't accept someone calling a 160-minute movie "two-and-a-half hours" so it's no real surprise you wouldn't take pause in the face of something awful and realize that a nasty response is not the best option, that a more rational dialogue as we deal with the irrational would better serve everyone.

Perhaps you could benefit from reading some of the more sober responses others have written this morning regarding last night's awful events and not go around adding to the negativity. I offer two links:

Antony Lane at the New Yorker and Devin Faraci at Badass Digest.