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Friday, August 10, 2012


Comicosity broke the news this morning that  It Girl and the Atomics #1 has sold out, and we are doing a second printing. This is pretty exciting. I've seen the numbers, and we did well to begin with, Image printed a smart overrun, and then the demand has exceeded all expectation. I think some folks were maybe waiting to see how it turned out, since the characters are so tied to Mike Allred. Regardless, I'm just thrilled that so many people are getting on board. I'm also so thankful to my collaborators for doing such great work, and to Image Comics for getting behind this book with such vigor. I am a lucky boy.

Early numbers for #2 show us holding steady, which is very rare for a second issue.

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Also, a new interview with Christian Lipsky at the Comics Examiner. Give it a read.

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