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Monday, August 06, 2012


Spend some time over at Comic Book Resources, because not only can you see their exclusive preview of Wednesday's It Girl and the Atomics #1, but the Robot 6 blog has a new interview with me, featured by in the column by that fine journalist Tim O'Shea, Talking with Tim.

What appeals to you more in writing in the Madman universe, the characters or the situations they find themselves in [or that find them]?
I’m always drawn to characters more than plot. I think good characters suggest good stories. You have to do things for things to happen, and what you do depends on who you are. The thing I’ve seized on the most is the idea of self-actualization. Throughout all of the Madman series, the search for self is always up front. That’s always been important to me in my own work. So, to have a group of characters who are all trying to make themselves and the world they live in better, that to me is the perfect scenario. 
It Girl is also just a really pleasant person to be around. She’s a sweetheart with an optimistic outlook and a willingness to experiment and explore. I’d like to be her friend in real life, and writing about her, it’s like I am. I get to pal around with a superheroine!
Read the whole article here.

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