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Monday, August 13, 2012


To go along with this round of press and reviews for It Girl and the Atomics, I am including this great drawing of Mott from Hoople by artist Jake Standley. Check out his blog. I actually have his Under the Influence sketchbook, and it's pretty keen.

In terms of new press for It Girl and the Atomics, tonight I am going to be on the radio in Salt Lake City. I am going to be on Residual Haunting Revived with Tom Carr starting at around 7:30 pm, Pacific Standard Time (the show starts at 8pm Mountain, and they are bringing me on halfway through). My understanding is the broadcast will be streaming here.

The podcast version will then be available here on Tuesday night.

In the meantime, the most recent reviews to come in for the first issue of the book:

* Bleeding Cool

* Comic Booked

* Interested in Sophisticated Fun? <--- one of my favorites!

The deadline to turn #2 in to Image was actually today, so we're going to press on the reprint of #1 and the second issue for It Girl at the same time. There's no stopping us now!

And our boss, Mike Allred, drew this week's issue of Daredevil for Marvel Comics. Daredevil #17 is on sale Wednesday. Here is Mike talking about the issue with iFanboy, and a preview over at CBR.

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