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Friday, February 25, 2005


What have I done with my week?

(a) completed the first draft of a side project for one of my main projects

(b) cleaned up "Walk Like a Panther" and submitted it to its first magazine

(c) started a new short story called "No Brakes, I Don't Mind"

(d) watched the last 3/4 of The Wire season 2, the second disc of My Own Private Idaho, and the second disc of Raging Bull

And what will I do next week?

(a) clean up I Was Someone Dead and deliver it to the copy editor; get Keith started on the promo postcard

(b) clean up this week's side project and deliver to the person requesting it

(c) continue the other new project from a couple of week's ago, as well as "No Brakes"

(d) Read more Beroul and start some Malory

Current Sountrack: Peter Murphy, Wild Birds 1985-1995

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1 comment:

Maryanne said...

Congrats on the submission and other accomplishments. You've been a busy boy! Can't wait to see the results of all that work! =)