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Friday, February 11, 2005


I try to keep internet memes off this blog, but Laurenn McCubbin called me into hers and if I don't do it, she'll whine about it until I die, and she'll do it in the key of Colin Meloy, and frankly, no one needs that. You can read her answers here. Unlike her, I make no apologies for my choices. That would presume I care what you think. And I must maintain this image that I am the tough cheese who stands alone.

1. Total amount of music files on your computer:
115 songs, 7.8 hours, 466.1 MB

2. The last CD you bought was: The Origin's self-titled debut from 1990, which I really liked in college. It was a "skuffed" copy for $4.60, so I thought I'd see if I still liked it. I haven't tried it out yet, though.

3. What is the song you last listened to before reading this message? Saint Etienne, "Hug My Soul." Sarah Cracknell. It's all about the Cracknell.

4. Write down 5 songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.

1. Suede, "By The Sea": The song they will play at my funeral. It encapsulates everything, and speaks highly to my obsessions with just walking away.

2. The Smiths, "Back to the Old House": Romantic longing. Here began all my dreams, the saddest thing I've ever seen.

3. Manic Street Preachers, "The Everlasting": Obviously.

4. The Cardigans, "Communication": My favorite song from last year. It never stopped digging into me, never lost its lustre.

5. Pulp, "Razzamatazz": Because it's the greatest put-down song ever. The trouble with your brother, he's always sleeping with you mother, and I know that your sister, missed her, time again this month.

6. Who are you going to pass this stick to? (3 persons) and why?

Kelly Sue, as she is not a music fan and it might break her brain to try.

James Lucas Jones, because he never updates his blog and it will be a challenge to see if he can do it before we're all bored with the idea

Jen De Guzman, because maybe she'll expose some secret shame. Like Tom Jones. Of course, j'adore Tom Jones. Quel sexy beast!

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