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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


And another interview with me surfaces. This time, over at Silver Bullet Comic Books. I talk about everything this time out, and there is even a few new pages from Love the Way You Love vol. 4.

On working with Marc Ellerby: Part of it was I knew we were both passionate about music and comics in the same way. We don't agree on everything, but we have enough crossover that it keeps it interesting. Marc has a kind of classic indie comics feel to his work, and there is a real sense of rock 'n' roll to his approach, and I thought he was young and fresh enough that he could bring a healthy sense of life to the page. There is also some honest emotion in his work, which I don't think gets pointed out enough. Marc understands the heavy drama of this kind of story, and he knows how to bring it while also being very tender with it. Ultimately, I think his jagged, hook-laden linework makes him the Johnny Marr of our little group, and my cleaner scripting style is the Morrissey, and putting them in tandem creates an effect that you just wouldn't get separately.

Again, go forth and read.

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