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Monday, March 26, 2007


Hey, all, just a quick reminder that Joëlle Jones and I will be in Seattle this weekend as part of the Emerald City Comic Con. Newsarama has the official scoop, so check it out.

I have a little short story chapbook I'll be selling, and Joëlle has a sketchbook she made. She also has a one-page assignment showing up in this week's DC/Vertigo release, Fables#59. Go, Joëlle!

Hopefully there should be more updates this week. I was working on a new project last week and that kind of kept me focused as far as time. I also was watching three DVD box sets simultaneously for review, so I was feeling pressure, man.

Quentin Tarantino must have read my last post and sent me evil mental energy, because he showed up in my dreams the other night, and he wasn't very nice to me. I was being sent to prison for tax evasion at the same time he was being put away for something else. Apparently prison is a pretty regular place for Dream Quentin to go, as it was like returning home for him. Not only did he refuse to bunk with me and save me from a random cellmate assignment, he also took the last solo cell and told me he was really fascinated to see what prison would do to me. He wasn't saying that in an evil way, like he wanted me to die or nothing, but in a detached, "I want to observe this great social experiment" sort of way. Great, thanks, Q.T. Because, you know, being in for freaking tax evasion, that was really going to help me out when it came to scaring the boys in the yard. "You know, they sent Capone to jail for the same thing," I'd say in my best Clint Eastwood voice. "It's because they couldn't pin anything else on him. Do you want to take the chance that I'm as badass as Al Capone?"

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Chynna said...

Well, you had it coming, Jamie in the dream. GRINDHOUSE is going to kick serious ass. It doesn't have to have a reason!

Jamie S. Rich said...

Chynna -

With that kind of deep thinking, you'd be a real hit over at the Bendis Board.

Jennifer said...

You'd be such a hit over at jail. They'd lick your pretty tax evading face right up.

mcoale said...

I bet they would love to call you "holly go lightly" in the stir.

Travis said...

Jamie Rich, the Prison Bitch!

I'm printing up t-shirts as we speak...