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Friday, March 30, 2007


He may be a wiener, and he may have pooched the Love the Way You Love vol. 4 deadline really bad, but the kid does some damn fine comics. His latest self-released mini, The Venal Muse, is an insightful autobio comic about the creative impulse and where it comes from. He portrays himself as a self-deprecating but genial host, and he goes over his relationship with his most important muse with an honest microscope that doesn't focus so close it seems whiny or ever feel like he's playing it up to the audience.

Follow this link to Marc's site, and scroll down to the March 2007 post for information on how to get this fine little number. Tell him I sent you so he'll actually give me a little credit for once. And also ask him where Love the Way You Love #4 is.

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