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Saturday, March 17, 2007


My pal Christopher McQuain wrote a very insightful review of The Everlasting for Portland's gay and lesbian newspaper, Just Out. It's online here at the 'mo, but not sure how long that link stays current.

A pertinent selection: " True to Northwest urban cosmopolitanism, Rich includes a parallel queer subplot: Lance’s roommate, Roger, has his own snarled love issues with a closeted rock star. The novel’s main focus is on Lance, but Rich is adept at showing both the differences and similarities of the search for love in these young men’s lives. If anything, Roger is the better-adjusted one and is eventually revealed to be better able to learn from romantic defeat, but whether the two characters’ different mindsets are a function of sexual orientation is entirely up to the reader’s interpretation; Rich presents his characters warts and all, endearing one moment and exasperating the next, very much like the people we know (and are) in life."

Though, I really like this line: "Lance is a Jan Brady among prodigies." Ha!

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