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Monday, December 03, 2007


Okay, this video is just too much fun. (Plastorm, look away. I think there is one of your kind coming in off the coast and hammering us with rain and wind right now, anyway. (Did I just see a lightning flash? Does Plas know he's being typed about and that's his fury on display?!))

United Hollywood continues to keep us updated. Here is an interesting dollars-and-cents quote from one of their catch-up entries:

- The lie that online content delivery is a risky bet crumbles more and more each day. Nikki posted information from the Financial Times estimating that online advertising is a $120 million market for the conglomerates. And Media Life Magazine reports that viewers are 44 percent more engaged by ads that appear in television programs they watch online than those they view on traditional television. And thus more valuable. And thus more profitable. And thus the writer who creates the content to draw them in should get the equivalent of two trips to Pavilions for doing so. Hey, wait...

Today also has a good post about Union Busting and what might be behind the recent willingness to "negotiate" on the part of the producers.

Finally, Judd Apatow and his buddies remind us what life will be like on your DVR if writers go away for good.

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Unknown said...

Now that is fantastic! And yes, I can call down lightning and thunder.