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Sunday, December 16, 2007


Last night, Randy and Rocky Bowen held their annual Christmas party, a swanky fancy-dress affair that I look forward to every year. This year, they decided to have a professional karaoke DJ to give people a different way to embarrass themselves after drinking too much. So, of course, I was totally there. I was even given the assignment of kicking things off so that other people would be inspired to pick up the microphone.

The set list:
Gene Pitney - "A Town Without Pity"
The Clash - "Train in Vain"
Partridge Family - "I Think I Love You" (duet with Barbara Wagner, who is, of course, the wife of Matt Wagner)
Frank Sinatra - "Can I Steal a Little Love"
Spandau Ballet - "True"
Blur - "Parklife" (duet with Oni publisher Joe Nozemack; he did the Phil Daniels parts, I did the Damon Albarn parts)

Big credit to the Steven Birch, Shannon Wheeler, and Randal Jarrell for taking the plunge and singing, too. I noticed it was only the guys who would do it solo, the ladies kept doing the group sing.

Amusingly, midway through Spandau Ballet, I turned around and there were three fellas backing me up, dancing like my own personal Pips. I believe there may even be video of this.

Joe and I stopped off in a bar on the way home to hang out, and even though I only drank coffee there, I took a little bit of a turn for the queasy worst and had to head home. Actually, first I stood in the bar men's room for a couple of minutes wondering if I was going to need to unload. The guys coming in and out were strangely friendly, all chatting away with the well-dressed sick guy in the corner while they did their business. Only one patron thought I was selling drugs.

Once I was home, I did a little bathroom floor duty, but it turned out I just needed to lie down and steady myself, I never blew. I think it was getting up, though, when, if I recall correctly, the toilet seat fell and hit me in the face. This is the best explanation I can come up with for waking up this morning and feeling something crusty on my nose. I went to look in the mirror, and there is a clean cut right across the bridge of my nose, and a line of blood had trickled out of it, forming a small pool just above my nostril, and drying. I look like I got in a fight. I guess if people ask, I can say, "Yeah, and you should see what I did to that toilet seat." Talk about a different way to embarrass oneself!

What amazes me, though, is that there is no blood on either of my pillows. That little bit of blood on my face was all there was. It could have been a real mess!

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