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Saturday, December 01, 2007


I am currently working in a cafe, trying to get through my screaming deadlines. I have taken on part-time work for the holidays at a small indie bookstore, and I got off my shift at 8:00. It's very close to my house and I could be home in just a couple of minutes, but I know once inside I would do a lot more to procrastinate getting underway than this blog post, and so I will work here until it closes at 11:00 and consider that a day well met.

What amuses me, though, is after scanning the room for electrical outlets, I ended up at a small table in the corner, next to one of only two tables in the whole room that was occupied. The male member of the couple next to me was talking loudly about something that he seemed macholy sensitive about, some serious political bullshit or something and the malaise of his modern, skull-capped existence. Something I can say I quite honestly don't care about.

Though he is pretty sure I did care, I think, because he moved his tiny chat over to a table across the room, where he still talks loud enough that my headphones at 3/4 volume does not completely drown him out, I can hear the tones of his speaking just under the beat and the instruments. I can see his van dyke reflected in the window in front of me, and I am giving him the evil eye. If you don't want to be heard, jagoff, then quiet the hell down.


Anyway, the big deal of the day is that I finally finished my review of Seinfeld - The Complete Series. Click on the link, and even if you're not inclined to read it, just look at the enormity of the piece.

For the past several days, I was even dreaming Seinfeld episodes.

Also reviewed:

* Susana, a steamy entry from Luis Bunuel's Mexican period.


* Romance & Cigarettes, a clumsy modern musical written and directed by John Turturro.

* What Would Jesus Buy?, a new documentary that might make you question your Christmas spending.

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ADC said...

I'm all about the mobile office now. I leave home and hop from cafe to cafe with my trusty tablet PC. good headphones are a must if you want to survive random chatter or horrible radio stations. Especially during holiday season, where cafe's insist on playing X-mas music twenty four seven.