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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Busy, busy, busy.

* Yesterday was a 3,000 word day, which is like, super fantastic. Today is less of a word count day, but more like pushing different pieces around. The people taking Fish Creek are getting closer to Fun City, at the very least. (Not sure why I made the tag "chocolate city," but I'm keeping it, like Elliot keeping E.T.)

* Monday I finished proofing Princess at Midnight for Andi Watson. Preorder it. (Glister #3 should be due in a week or two.)

* I'm giving this lady's unpublished novel a read when I can, too.

* Catching up on reviews in the post Seinfeld deluge. Expect many links in a day or two.

* J. Torres and my lovely Udon editor Hye-Young Im have had their baby. I really don't understand this whole "baby" thing, and a world where J. Torres is allowed to spawn is a world where science has gone too far, but congratulations to them all the same! (Particular kudos to Young, who not only is the one to have given birth, but she also managed to give her son a cool name, when I am sure J. wanted to name him something geeky like "Goku" or "Grayson" or "Mike Norton." Lysander is a pretty awesome handle, I must say.)

* Prediction! Best horror movie of 2008 will be...

Somewhere Ian Shaughnesexxxy is wondering just what it is women have down there that is so scary.

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Mason West said...

Are you fucking serious? Is that trailer even real??? A Vagina with fangs?

I feel dirty and confused...

Jamie S. Rich said...

Oh, it's real, baby!

I talked to someone in the know, and the word is that they pussy out and you don't even see the vagina detanta.

The sequel should be about penises that come alive and look like Audrey 2 in Little Shop of Horrors.

Anonymous said...

I talked to someone in the know, and the word is that they pussy out and you don't even see the vagina detanta.

Sounds like more of one of those "you never see the monster" type things, to me. Anyway, the main character's supposed to be in high school. So.