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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Stay tuned for comic book recommendations and a special offer from Joëlle Jones, but first...

It's a Michael Cera week for reviews here at Confessions.


* Juno, not just one of the top comedies of the year, but one of the best movies period. I know it looks like it's kind of another in a long line of overly hip indie films, but wipe that from your mind. Within minutes of it starting, you will be in love with this movie.

Juno stars Michael Cera as a nerd who actually can get laid, and ends up getting a girl pregnant.


* Superbad - 2-Disc Unrated Extended Edition, the raunchy teen comedy that could.

Superbad stars Michael Cera as a nerd who thinks he can't get laid, who finds out he can, but then chooses not to.

* In other movie news, some ground might have been gained in the WGA strike. Read about it here.

* Also, Joëlle Jones is selling the original art from our Popgun, vol. 1 story, "Me and the Cat." $80 a page. Check it out at her blog.

Also while there, look in her sidebar for a pdf of prices on the 12 Reasons Why I Love Her pages that are still available. Makes a great gift!

We're also doing a story for Popgun, vol. 2 that will hopefully make the deadline. It's pretty awesome, a story about boxing. I've been waiting for Joëlle to have a reason to draw it for almost a year, and I'd say having a place to publish it is as good as any!

This appears to be the cover:

That won't be out until summer, but if you want, right now, the trade paperback edition of Mike Allred's Madman & the Atomics went on sale today. This collects The Atomics, a fifteen-issue series I edited for Mike several years ago. Prior to this, it's only been available as an expensive, limited hardcover. It's a bounty of Silver Age superhero excellence!

Maybe Michael Cera should play a movie-version of Madman, a nerd who came back from the dead to fall in love, but I'm not sure if he's ever gotten laid.

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