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Thursday, February 14, 2008


You might not believe this, but I come up with a good one from time to time.

Recently, in a half-serious thread at the Brian Bendis board, I posted a one-liner (well, two-liner) in response to the suggestion that Joe Quesada may be the smartest man in comics. Amusingly, the thread continued on without me, with no one even acknowledging that I had spoken, and I gave up after two more pages of posts carried on business-as-usual.

Until Newsarama culled the comments and singled me out, which then lead to this nice post at Tales from the Longbox.

Aw, shucks.

What did I say? “Being the smartest guy in comics is like being the fattest corpse in the graveyard. It just ain’t that hard.”

I reserve the right to reuse that in some published form in the opportunity ever arises. It's mine! I should also note the comment was not a dig at Joe, who is a smart man indeed; you could have replaced the subject with any guy in comics, the joke would have been the same.

I mention this non-event by way of noting that it's nice for once not just to be cracking myself up. Though, my propensity to do so should bring some cold comfort to you folks out there when I eventually die alone, by whatever method I choose, because you can rest assured, my last breath will likely be spent chuckling about some macabre zinger that popped in my head just prior to the death rattle, and you will know I died happy.


In less morbid news, though I have posted my Audrey Hepburn art collection to this blog over the last couple of years, I have now also created a Flickr set with them all. My Audrey Hepburn Portfolio.

I haven't gotten any new ones in a while (people I asked at Stumptown opted to do other subjects). One of these days, I was thinking a Ross Campbell zombie Audrey would be pretty cool.

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MattGrigsby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MattGrigsby said...

Hey turd! When are you going to comission me?

Pssh. I would do an AWESOME Audrey.

Jamie S. Rich said...

Matt, have you ever heard a Clipse song called "Mr. Me Too"?

Regardless, it's your new nickname.

MattGrigsby said...

Ouch man. I'm just striking conversation. You are in fact a friend of mine.

How have you been?

Denny said...

Sad that I somehow missed that one. Of course that thread was getting WAY too big. Remember what you said about the guy who points out a misspelling or grammar faux paus...guess I got a taste of my own medicine. Just hadn't noticed you in the shipping list.