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Saturday, February 09, 2008


* The Writer's Guild of America has reached a tentative agreement with the Hollywood producers to end the strike and get people back to work as early as Monday, if the union meetings accept the proposal this weekend. You can read a statement from the WGA president here, and it includes a pdf explaining some of the terms that have been come to. I will leave much brighter minds than mine to discuss the good or bad of what is there (and you can find some comic book folks who also work in Hollywood linked to here). [EDIT: Some cautionary words on the deal.]

It will remain to be seen what kind of production schedules will be undertaken for what is left of the TV season, but it's a good thing if people can once more start striking those keys instead of the picket lines and put everyone back to work entertaining the rest of us.

* Colleen Mondor, who reviewed Have You Seen the Horizon Lately? for Bookslut, shares further thoughts on the book and its broad appeal at her personal blog.

"Horizon is a hipster novel all the way and perfect for witty and slightly subversive teens. It will make them feel like rebels when they're reading it and incredibly smart for 'getting it.' I'm adding it to the list for the You Should Read This Awards, but more importantly I hope that my review brings it some attention. A lot of YA fiction is the same stories over and over again; it's nice to read a book (even though it's written for adults) that will appeal to them in a completely different way."

It's like the review that keeps on giving!

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