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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


As a dirty French-loving existentialist that refuses to officially affiliate himself with any organization other than the Suede fan club, I can't vote in any primaries. But today, Super Tuesday, is the day to really put some power behind the tsunami of change that has been rolling toward these Star Spangled shores in recent weeks. So, get out there, and...

In all honesty, I've been quiet about politics for a while, because part of me wanted to give up after the last Presidential election. Given how half the country voted, I became distrustful of these streets I walk. No one I knew, except for my one token Republican friend, would openly admit to voting for George W. Bush, the Spice Girls of Presidents, top of the charts but with no out-of-the-closet supporters. These people were somewhere, hiding behind closed doors, lying in public because they knew what they did was wrong. Thus, the relief that came when people started getting angry was like tinfoil--bright and shiny and protective, but also a little nasty to bite down on.

Now, though, I am starting to come around. The swell for Barack Obama is heartening and exciting. The best part is that it's also defied everything we had been told would happen. Even the ascendancy of McCain is pleasing in its way. The media talking heads and the spin doctors all told us it would go a different way, strutting with the cocksure attitude they've developed over the last several political races wherein they convinced themselves--and, let's be honest, us--that they had the power to call it. Now, America has delivered a stinging slap that has wiped that smugness right off their faces, leaving them with nothing but their spray-on tans.

After eight years of not being listened to, America is finally telling the powers that be what they want.

Of course, it could all go wrong. I've believed in you folks before, and this time, if I'm fooled, shame on me.

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