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Friday, February 22, 2008

"Well, you finally find your helpless mind,
is trapped inside your skin.
You want to leave,
but you believe you won't get back again.

From the blog of Joëlle Jones, a page from our contribution to the forthcoming Popgun, vol. 2 anthology, a ten-page story called "Reverberation (Doubt)."

"Reverberation (Doubt)" - Page 1

Larger versions can be seen through the link.

Some may notice this is the story that was once scheduled for the anthology from Good Cat/Bad Cat. That book is no longer happening, and they graciously returned it to us; then, Mark Andrew Smith and Joe Keatinge graciously accepted it for their book.

According to Amazon, this will be out in July.

Also in July is Comic-Con International, which I will not be attending this year. In fact, the only event I have scheduled at this time is a return to CAPE for Free Comic Book Day (once again, with Joëlle, who is also skipping Comic-Con at this time). I'm not even getting a table at April's Stumptown, though I will likely be wandering around. There are many reasons for this time off from shows. Part of it is financial, part of it is that there won't be that much new product for me to promote. You Have Killed Me is probably going to be a fall book now, with a pretty significant format upgrade (thus making that Amazon link I just used obsolete). It's also good to just step back from time to time and let the conventions pass by. Too many comics folks let themselves get owned by the convention circuit, staying on the treadmill because they think they have to, despite it taking up a lot of time and money. I prefer to occasionally take a breather.

In terms of my friends and cohorts, I do believe you will get to kick Marc Ellerby in the nuts at MOCCA this year. Keep any such blows low, away from his frail wrists. The new issue of Love the Way You Love is about done, and I'll do a big post once some dates are set.

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1 comment:

neal s said...

It seems like San Diego becomes more and more irrelevant each year. I don't think I'm going either, and if I do it'll just be for a day. Even the thought of that much time there fills me with dread.