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Thursday, May 29, 2008



* Sex and the City! The return of Carrie and the gals is the biggest non-event event of the summer. I liked it, but I liked the show, and basically, that equation applies. If you never cared for the show, you won't care for the movie; if you dug the series, then get ready for two-and-a-half more hours of it.

The screening Eliza and I went to of this movie was crazy. The line was ridiculously long, comparable to what I've seen for the bigger action blockbusters like 300 and Iron Man. The difference was that it was at least 75% women in the theatre, if not more. When you think about it, really, that's what Sex and the City is: the female equivalent of an action movie. Well, if we ignore Charlie's Angels. You know what I mean.

Inside, the ladies were nuts for this thing. We had to endure an hour of "behind the scenes" footage and interviews from the "pink carpet" premiere in New York, but they didn't seem to mind. Two women behind us were critiquing every dress as well as how each actress looked in those dresses. There were also women who dressed up to see this like they were going out clubbing, because, you know, that's what the girls in the movie would do.

Really, it was like I was at a comic book convention, but one for chicks. Though, I don't think it's fair if I show up for the Hulk screening covered in green make-up I'll get called a geek and going to see Sex and the City in fake couture is somehow not geeky. You can't even make a claim that having boobs is what makes it different, because I know a lot of comic book guys (and sports fan guys) with bigger boobs than any of the actresses in the movie (well, except Jennifer Hudson). Nerds in any other underwear are just as nerdy.

Besides, why spend 148 minutes watching the movie for $10 when you can spend only a couple of minutes watching this for free? It's virtually the same.


* The Exquisite Short Films of Kihachiro Kawamoto, seven gorgeous stop-motions cartoons from an innovative Japanese director.

* OMD Live: Architecture & Morality and More, capturing Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark on their 2007 reunion tour.

* Rambo - The Complete Collector's Set, a handsome new edition of all four Rambo films. Relive the blood, the guts, and the bad hair days.

Really, I think there is something to my realization that Indiana Jones and Rambo have had very similar artistic paths. According to IMDB trivia, thy even had a horse in common. Rambo and Indy rode the same stunt animal in their third installments.


This week's reviews written specifically for the site are:

* Rushmore, Wes Anderson's coming-of-age wish fulfillment gets better every time I see it.

* The Thief of Bagdad, the 1940 magic spectacle partially directed by Michael Powell.

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