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Sunday, May 25, 2008


Hey, all. I realize that my Portland reading segment is small, and the one in the area of the missing feline is even smaller, but please bear with us.

Isis disappeared from her home on NW 28th and NW Upshur yesterday. She was outside during the huge thunderstorm that hit Portland out of nowhere, so who knows what kind of fear was put into her to make her take off. Her mother is very worried and we've been postering this afternoon and are using whatever resources we can to bring her home. A false alarm on the Dove Lewis pet finder was almost as heartbreaking as the original realization she was gone.

Isis is a medium-sized cat, Calico, no front claws. She's not overly friendly--though she is very talkative--and may be tough to catch if she doesn't know you.

If you think you see her, drop me an e-mail at golightly[a]confessions123.com. If you'd like my phone # just in case, also drop me a line, and I can share that privately. Isis is not my cat, but I live two blocks from her. I just hope she wasn't trying to come see me when this happened, because I feel terrible. She knows me as the guy who shows up with treats in the coin pocket of his jeans.

Naturally, I will update the moment she is found.

Please feel free to distribute this link to other Portland groups/resources/etc.

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