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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Love the Way You Love vol. 6 has finally gone off to the printer. I signed off on it yesterday, and it should be in shops in mid-June (6/11 is the date I have now). Here is the cover spread. Follow through for a larger version.

Love the Way You Love #6 cover spread

Of course, I won't really be at rest until it's printed and done. And then we have the second collection to do anyway.

By the by, looks like Ellerby scored us a fan at Bristol.

I was kind of lazy last week, with my main plan being to get caught up on my reviews. That happened to a degree, with some unexpected distraction on Tuesday and Wednesday serving to have me locked at the computer waiting for my e-mail to ding. Anyone know a way to get Gmail to make a sound when a new message comes in? It's too stealthy.

This week I am working on a text piece for the 10th anniversary edition of Mike Allred's Red Rocket 7, due from Image in September. This is one of my favorite comics I've ever been involved with. Having it back in print will be like righting a terrible wrong, like freeing an innocent man from prison. To go with that, I'm working on a little something for Newsarama for June.

I also need to get started again on a comic book short that I have scrapped once already. I have a new idea that might work.

Right now, I'm reading the first volume of the Kirby Fourth World Omnibus. That shit is crazy!

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