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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Before the standard movie links for the week, to come later today, a couple of comic strip links of very different stripes:

* Mutts pays tribute to Lebowski.

* Coco Wang, a cartoonist in Beijing, is creating comic strips to tell stories of courage and heartbreak from the recent earthquake that might otherwise not make it out to the rest of the world. It's an effective use of comics as journalism, reminding us yet again how the global culture of the internet allows us to reach out to the rest of the world and communicate in ways we never could before. It reminds me of similar efforts post-9/11, including the one-page strip Chynna Clugston and I did for a charity book where we tried to express how instant messaging allowed us to stay in contact with each other. Consider that these comics are drawn in Beijing, posted by Paul Gravett in England (I believe), and like you, I read about them on a U.S.-published blog. Read these remarkable comic strips here.

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