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Friday, May 16, 2008

WONDERFUL WOMAN, the perfect B-side to "This Charming Man" (think about it)

Speaking of CAPE and Joëlle Jones, as I was in my posts earlier today, Joëlle's blog now has all of the sketches from CAPE that we managed to get a record of. (If you got one from her and don't see it, we always appreciate scans.) Stop by and check it out, and in particular check out her special take on Wonder Woman, a detail from which is below (click on it for the full piece).

This is the second sketch of Wonder Woman Joëlle has put online, the first time being here. Seriously, when is DC going to hire her to do the character? If the blogosphere needs a new cause, how about encouraging the powers that be over there in New York City to put her on a one-shot, an annual, or a fill-in. Something! She'd rock it! And with Gail Simone writing, that would be two awesome ladies working together on comics' most awesome lady.

You know it's a good idea. I certainly think so. Joëlle might punch me in the head for saying it out loud like this, but what the hell. I'll risk it.

And seriously, look at us:

How lame am I? I'm all wiseass, obnoxious Johnny Rotten while she's a poised and elegant Catherine Deneuve. You see why I am so self-deprecating when it comes to us as a creative team? Me and my one red eye are an indelible stain.

Whereas Ellerby is more like Short Round to my Indiana Jones. (To tie all the posts of today into one!) (And I guess that would make Chynna, who took that photo, the Coke bottle to my Fatty Arbuckle.)

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