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Sunday, October 05, 2008


Rob at Talkin' About Comics has been working his way through the entirety of Popgun, vol. 2. Here, in part 5, he gets to Joëlle and I:

"'Reverberation(Doubt)' - Jamie S. Rich & Joelle Jones. This piece creates a real sense of uncertainty and confusion. The art is good, and it is well written. It also feels complete, which is nice. It leaves things unresolved in a way, but the story, the focus of the piece has a complete feel to it. It's the sweetest little comic about VD testing in the whole anthology."

Current Soundtrack: The Arcade Fire, Neon Bible, a great album for a Sunday morning, especially when you've woken up with the Killers' new single in your head. Is it me, or did the performance on SNL actually make that song sound better? And can we hope, based on both tracks, that the band is moving into their space-age phase?

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