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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Here is your chance to contribute to the historic Presidential race of Barack Obama and pick yourself up a rarity from my career at the same time.

I have donated this item to the Comics Industry for Obama auction.

It's a copy of the original bound version of Cut My Hair I made back in 1998 when I had finished the book and wanted to share it with friends, family, and people who might publish it. The story contained inside is essentially the same, but this was before it was copyedited, pre illustrations, its raw form. The cover was drawn by me, taken from a sketchbook of mine and drawn back in college when I first started to write the book and featuring my interpretation of Mason feeling out of place in the church.

Only 25 of these were made, and I hand numbered them. This is #13. It's only the second time I've released the leftovers to the public, the last time being a 9/11 charity. Given that I only have two copies left, this cold be the last time, as I'll think twice before I part with another. (Of the two remaining, one has Mike Allred's notes in it, and that's not going anywhere!)

Go and bid!

All proceeds go to the Barack Obama campaign. Please also check out the group's other auctions.

By the way, still not sure why I like Obama? Or maybe looking for an article to give to friends who are on the fence and want to know more about why he has so many so excited? This New Yorker endorsement article is the most clear, comprehensive, and thoughtful piece I've read. It's honest and respectful to both candidates, and it covers a variety of topics. Well worth the time to read.

I know everyone is saying he's winning, but that doesn't mean his supporters can be complacent. More votes can be gathered. You can't win by too much, you know? Plus, victory requires vigilance. People must actually follow through on their votes, survey polls don't put a man in the White House!

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Gia said...

as the person who won the 9/11 copy, bid with confidence!