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Friday, October 10, 2008


This has been kind of an inventory week. I hadn't been very happy with my writing on 5 1/2 for the last couple of weeks, so I took the week off from doing new work to assess what I had in hand.

First I read over the entire six scripts/chapters of my comic with Mike Holmes, Lying Down, to double-check and see if they needed in tightening. A little was required, but I mainly was able to pick-up different threads that, now that I have the whole thing constructed, could be worked through the story, particularly different objects that will connect people and events. I liked the scripts quite a bit and am actually impressed with myself for writing an action sequence involving cars. That's something I'd never really done before.

Mike and I hope to have a publisher nailed down soon.

Then, today I read over what I have for Jamie S. Rich's 5 1/2, and I'm feeling much better about it now. I actually really like the first section, tentatively titled "I am the Resurrection," and I was happy to get to the end of where I am at in Part II and realize I knew what the next scene should be, which I could not have said when I picked the manuscript up this morning.

Current word count is 41,400. I think there was some glitch when my computer last did a tally, as in between I realized that what I had vs. what I had posted was not the same. Ooops. Stupid Macbook.

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