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Wednesday, February 04, 2009


The Popgun website has updated to feature exclusive story previews for the 3rd volume. Joëlle's and my story is not there, but if you want to see what else you will be in for if you pick up the book, click on this:

Then either preorder it from your local comic book store, or use this link to Amazon: Popgun Volume 3 (v. 3)

Also, what are you doing tomorrow night?

I'll be beginning the night here:

I should be hanging out for the first half hour or so. For more details on what else is happening at the store, click the image.

Then, at 6:30, a group will be assembling there to begin a First Thursday Graphic Novel Walking tour, hosted by PNCA. I am listed as the guest celeb or whatever the hell you'd call me for this. Here is the write-up.

'Join us for a guided gallery walk of Portland's show openings beginning this Thursday February 5th, with an intensive look at new work relating to graphic novels and sequential arts. We'll begin the tours at Floating World Comics on 5th and Couch streets promptly at 6:30 p.m. Each gallery walk is hosted by a PNCA docent and figure from Portland's outstanding comic culture. Tours will stop at Upper Playground, JustBe Compound, Backspace Café, the Sequential Art Gallery and Pony Club along with new galleries and other shows at the Everett St. Lofts. Time permitting, we'll wind up the evening with a brief comics jam and opportunity to post work on the Graphic Novel Web Showcase site. This free event is a fantastic opportunity to speak with the artists and network with other comics creators while enjoying the 1st Thursday festivities.

Our "artist in residence" for February’s walk is the amazing talented and fun to talk to Jamie S. Rich. Co-creator of the "Love the Way You Love" series, and forthcoming detective comic, “You Have Killed Me” published by Oni Press.'

So, come join us!

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