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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Nicolas Hitori de sent a new page from Spell Checkers. It's actually his first page in the book, if not the first page he's drawn.

Some tasty graffiti is going on those lockers. I'll leave it to your imagination. Maybe we should do a thing where you can draw your own on there.

It should be a fun book. I wrote the beginning of the script in a fit of dementia, so working on it last week was like revisiting a party where I got too drunk to really remember everything I did, but someone taped it and I was able to laugh at myself acting like an idiot.

Nico does pretty regular comic strips on his blog, but as of yet he hasn't started giving English translations so those of us who are uneducated in the languages of the world can read along. This lead to me translating one of the strips myself in his comments section, using the two years of high school French I cheated my way through.

Panel 1:

Excuse me, sir, but do I look like a poser to you?

That depends...

Panel 2:

Who would you consider your upper-most senor? Is that Jesus you have in your heart?

Panel 3:

No, but I have seen the devil dance in the pale moonlight. And he was eating peaches.

Panel 4:

Don't attend anymore parties! I will help you and your immortal soul with my Bible!

Someone helpfully provided a real translation, too.

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