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Thursday, February 26, 2009


You Have Killed Me has officially been solicited for May. This is a publishing date that should stay firm, since the book is all drawn and being lettered right now. (In fact, Doug probably received my notes on the first batch and has been cursing my name ever since...)

Below is the page from Diamond Previews advertising the book in the Oni section.

Diamond Order Code for Comic Book Shops: MAR094379
ISBN for other book outlets: 978-1-932664-88-1 - this is the same isbn that was on the canceled solicitation last year, so some outlets may have a lag time getting an update with the new info, just so you know.

Preorder with confidence!

My understanding is that the 2nd printing of 12 Reasons Why I Love Her is also offered in the catalogue, and at cover price, too, rather than the $185 premium it's running at now. Should be an exact replica of the previous edition, just missing the numeral 1 on the indicia page. (Though, I did suggest at one point we do a new cover for it, but apparently, as they say, that dog did not hunt.)

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Eliza said...

This is why there are words like "covet"....