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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Another very positive review for You Have Killed Me, this time from the very astute Greg McElhatton at Read About Comics. Full review here, but here's a taste:

"I hesitate to call You Have Killed Me a mystery because Rich isn’t setting it up as a story where the reader is gathering clues to solve the puzzle first. Rich’s script for You Have Killed Me is a classic noir story in almost every sense of the word. The untrustworthy gambler, the secret relationship on the side, the clandestine trip to the casino, the local police leaning hard on Mercer, it’s all there. One of the very first lessons you learn as a reader is that none of the characters in this book are to be trusted; Rich has made sure that every last one of them have their own secrets waiting to be unearthed, and all of them are doing their best to keep them hidden."


"Jones’s art continues to grow by leaps and bounds. As much as I enjoyed her art in 12 Reasons Why I Love Her, she’s become more accomplished since then. Her usage of graytones in You Have Killed Me provide just the right shady, seedy look to characters and situations in a way that stark black and white might not have handled. It’s a nice texture to each of the pages, and I can almost hear the filmstrip crackling in the background. Her action sequences are good here, too; a scene with Mercer hurling a water pitcher across the room has the object splash across the panel, composed almost perfectly so that you can imagine the spin and arc of the pitcher as well as the water spraying out of it. Her characters have clean, open expressions here as well; Mercer’s smile can melt a cold heart, and those smoldering eyes of Jennie’s speak volumes."

Read more about the book at the Oni Press site.

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