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Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Don't forget, tomorrow is the Full of Pryde Opening Party at Floating World. Doug and Jason have started a blog to show off some of the drawings. My understanding is the eBay auctions for charity will start Friday or Saturday.

My friend Tram Ngo has done a totally cute piece for the show, a painting on wood. Between her and Joëlle, if I wasn't broke already, I'd be going broke bidding.

I teased some work from Tram way back when. She and I were working on a Young Adult comic called Boyfriends Go Away. She put together a five-page art pitch, partially inked, but it kind of fell apart after that for a variety of reasons. We'd both like to do it, but time and opportunity is an issue. We decided, however, that Full of Pryde is as good enough excuse as any to finally show off her work, rather than let it languish. Click through for the larger versions.

BGA_5pgs-1 BGA_5pgs-2

BGA_5pgs-3 BGA_5pgs-4

BGA_5pgs-5 Fiona_concept_sketch

If anybody has a bunch of money and want us to finish it, we totally would! :)

In case the lettering is hard to read, even at the big size (you can follow the "all sizes" link at Flickr), here is a pdf of the script pages.

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