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Sunday, May 17, 2009


Okay, I've uploaded a bunch more caricatures of me. View the whole set here. Amongst them is this bit from Craig Thompson, never before seen by anyone...

From the inside back cover of my first edition copy of Good-bye, Chunky Rice.

Visit Craig at: www.dootdootgarden.com/.

There are still some that I need to find, like editorial cartoons done by Judd Winick and Kelley Seda, an envelope sketch by Matt Wagner, and then there are comic book cameos I can scan eventually. These were all I was able to manage to dig up off of old discs, however.

This Christine Norrie strip of proposed images cracks me up. You can see in the set that she finally went with #3.

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Anonymous said...

What a hard knock life.

Far too many admirers for the delicate Jamie S. Rich..

Jamie S. Rich said...

Oh, the delicacy of anonymity, so much more thin than the delicacy of sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

Well, you have me beat - my students have only done 4 drawings of me, and a 3D model - but at least i beat the other teachers, ha ha!

Gary (Walflower)