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Monday, June 04, 2012


In late April, comics writer Jamie S. Rich (It Girl and the Atomics; 12 Reasons Why I Love Her) launched his most recent prose novel, Bobby Pins and Mary Janes, as a free online serial. The book is a workplace drama set at a mid-level comics publisher and stars a twentysomething junior editor making her way in the funnybook world.

From the get-go, Bobby Pins and Mary Janes has had art to go along with the story. Four sections of the novel are formatted as comic book scripts, telling the tale of Valerie Flames, a popular character in Rich’s narrative. The Valerie Flames characters were designed by the writer’s regular collaborator, Joëlle Jones (House of Night; You Have Killed Me).

Now, other comic book artists have gotten in on the fun, providing fan art for the book that Rich has run as part of his sidebar posts showing inspiration and process material.

Having contributed so far are:

Chynna Clugston Flores, the beloved creator of Blue Monday, has drawn a mock cover for Bobby Pins and Mary Janes. [http://newwavezombie.blogspot.com/]

 Nicolas Hitori de, the artist on Rich’s Spell Checkers series (alongside Joëlle Jones), drawing Valerie Flames and her dog Henry. [http://www.nicohitoride.com/]

Megan Levens, who runs the Buzzing Over Bombshell blog and drew a story with Rich for Double Feature, depicting the grown-up Varlerie Flames. [http://buzzingoverbombshell.blogspot.com/]

Dan Christensen, artist of Paranormal, envisioning a scene from the retro sci-fi comic Integer City. [http://dcdrawings.blogspot.com/]

Also, more designs and other artwork from Joëlle Jones. [http://www.joellejones.com]

“I am extremely flattered that these fine folks would choose to lend their art to my story,” Rich commented. “And I am over the moon about the super cool work they all turned in. There’s nothing quite so gratifying as seeing your characters come to life via a talented cartoonist’s pen.”

Bobby Pins and Mary Janes updates with a new section every Friday. Readers can peruse the novel online or download a free pdf to import to their e-reader. The narrative is currently past the halfway point, with an expected wrap date of July 6, 2012. All previous posts will remain online indefinitely.

Interested readers can see all of this art and catch up on the story at bobbypinsandmaryjanes.com. For interviews or review material, contact Jamie S. Rich at golightly[at]gmail[dot]com

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