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Tuesday, June 05, 2012


It's always nice to get good reviews, and since this is one of the very first of Bobby Pins and Mary Janes by, well, anyone, it's particularly gratifying to get a positive write-up right out the gate--especially when you've delivered more than the reviewer expected.

Dustin Cabeal writing for Comic Bastards:

To be honest I never thought that a novel about a comic book company would suck me in as much as it did. Granted, I’m the demographic for this novel, but even still I couldn’t put it down until I gone through all thirty-three pages. For those unfamiliar with Bobby Pins and Mary Janes, it is a novel from Jamie S. Rich that is being released in pieces on the web… for free. It’s like a web novel using the web comic formula. 
Parker is living the dream, someone’s dream, but not hers. She always wanted to be in book publishing, but after a college internship ended up working full-time as an assistant for Bubblegum Crayon Press. Now she’s in the comic industry and has on the job training when it comes to comics. The company’s hottest commodity at the moment is Valerie Flames written and drawn by the secretive creator Amanda Fowler. The book is a mix of Nancy Drew and Sci-Fi and dominates the top sales for the company. 
The first chapter is a very fluid read. We start off with Parker in her apartment getting ready for work; trying to remember how much she had had to drink the night before. From there she makes her way to work which was the part I found to be the most interesting. It lays out her career and what’s she currently working on. Then it goes into her love life which makes things very complicated, but in a great for fiction way.

Read the whole thing through this link.

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