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Monday, March 25, 2013


The winner of the It Girl and the Atomics, vol. 1 contest was R.C.  Schmidt of Omaha, NE.

R.C. correctly answered the trivia question.

In It Girl and the Atomics #s 7 & 8, there are two new characters who are named after two different writers whose most famous work had something to do with robots. Who are they and what are they famous for?

Correct response: Professor Osamu is, of course, named for Osamu Tezuka, creator of Astro Boy. Mother von Harbou is a tribute to Thea von Harbou, writer of the original silent film Metropolis--which Tezuka also did a variation of, later to become an animated film.

I also accepted those of you who identified one of the robots, Fritz, as Fritz Lang, who was married to von Harbou and directed Metropolis, since that was technically correct.

Congrats, R.C.! I am mailing your book today. Thanks to all of you who responded. No one got it wrong, which is impressive.

It Girl and the Atomics, Round 1: Dark Streets, Snap City is in comic book stores this Wednesday, and will trickle out to other venues by April 9.

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david golbitz said...

A fellow Omahan won??? What are the odds?