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Friday, March 08, 2013


Michael May has written a really thoughtful analysis of It Girl and the Atomics #6 over at Robot 6.

"Why you should be reading It Girl and the Atomics."

I really like how he digs into the reasons the script and the art work so well together.

Also, massive congratulations to my #1 superfriend Joëlle Jones on her great success with Helheim #1. The book is getting great reviews and is already on its way back to press for a second printing. (It's still available for download at Comixology, of course.)

Here are some links just in case you need some convincing to pick up this awesome comic.

* A preview of the first issue

* Joëlle and Cullen on the Comixology podcast

* Talking to MTV Geek

Reviews at:

* Adventures in Poor Taste

* Alpha Comics

* The Beat

* Comic Bastards

* Comic Book Resources

* Comic Buzz

* Comicosity

* Eye on Comics

* Front Towards Gamer

* iFanboy

* Multiversity

* Nerdspan

* Newsarama and Newsarama again

* Onion AV Club

* Slack Jaw Punks

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