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Friday, March 22, 2013

SWEEPSTAKES! YOU'RE A WINNER! Weekend Contest for a signed It Girl v1

As a reward for all you good people who have been buying It Girl and the Atomics in issue form, I have decided to run a contest this weekend to give one of you the first collected volume, a trade paperback with issues #1-6.

The contest is simple. You just have to e-mail me the answer to a trivia question by Monday morning, 8 a.m., PST. To answer that question, though, you'll have to have access to the recent issues!

The question:

In It Girl and the Atomics #s 7 & 8, there are two new characters who are named after two different writers whose most famous work had something to do with robots. Who are they and what are they famous for?

I'll give you a hint: only one of them worked in comics, and that person both wrote and drew.

E-mail your answer, along with your name and address, to golightly [a] gmail [dot] com. Title it "IT GIRL trivia."

I will then pick one random winner and send them an autographed book. I should be able to get to the post office on Monday and so can mail it to U.S. residents via priority mail and, USPS willing, you'll receive the book on release day, Wednesday. Anyone outside the U.S., you're on your own. Fast shipping like that is too expensive.

Get to it!

If you don't win, the book hits comic book shops on Wednesday, and everywhere else on April 9.

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