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Friday, March 01, 2013


Okay, so we're off to Emerald City.

For the duration of the show, find both myself and Joëlle Jones at the Oni Press booth, #902. We will be selling books, and she will be sketching. Oni will also have special variants of the first issue of her awesome Helheim project exclusively for the show. You can get all the details of the Oni-planned events here, including the info on their panel.

For the convention, I will be selling a pack of the first five issues of It Girl and the Atomics, all first prints, for $12. That's one issue for free! I will also have copies of #6 and #7, as well as the alternate covers for #2. (Each pack only has one, either the Michael Allred or the Darwyn Cooke variant.)

I have one time away from the table. That's on Sunday, when I am signing at the Image Comics booth, from 3 to 3:45, at the same time as the awesome Fiona Staples. To encourage my getting some attention while sitting next to Fiona, I will be giving away It Girl and the Atomics posters I have left over, featuring the cover to the first issue, available only to folks who come and see me there. I will not be giving them away during the rest of the show.

You can also buy the minicomic that Jung Hu Lee printed up of the story he drew from my script, ou Cross My Path. It's debuting at the show. Find him at Booth K-14, then bring it over, I'll sign it.

If you aren't going to Emerald City, Helheim #1 goes on sale next week. You want to go get it. It's awesome.

For you folks near Chicago, on Wednesday, March 6, Joëlle Jones will be going to Challengers Comics for a signing and art show to celebrate the release. Get the details on their site.

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