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Saturday, March 22, 2003


Concert night #2 began with disappointment. The Coral had cancelled. Snow in Colorado had stranded them and they couldn’t get to town. Really, really bummed. They were the band out of all of them I wanted to see the most.

Our consolation prize was Detroit’s Electric Six. This is a little like being told you are going to get truffles and they feed you grub worms instead. They should have called themselves Elephant Shit for all the lumpy turds they left in my ears. Wow. They were so bad. Like Jon Spencer joined My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult bad. It’s like their whole act was based on a Gallon Drunk performance from 1993, only the tape they were watching was coded like an illegal cable feed, having the same effect as horny adolescents watching scrambled porn. They make out enough to think they know what is happening, but really don’t see how all the parts fit together.

I bet fans of the Hives think Electric Six are completely brilliant. The importance of charisma is lost on the dull.

Thankfully, Supergrass were awesome. I have not been all that enthusiastic about Supergrass or Life on Other Planets. They’re decent albums, but it sounds to me as if the passion has gone out. Like the magnificent energy they expelled to make In it For The Money was impossible to replenish.

And sure enough, the songs off the first two albums sounded the best, but the newer stuff takes on so much more life in the live arena. Someone gave them a tune transfusion.

The crowd was pretty decent. Our one odd note of the night was the drunk girl behind us who tried to convince us that we weren’t rocking enough, and thus we didn’t deserve to be in the front row and should give up our spots. A kid next to us got tired of her yapping between songs, and rather calmly but sternly told her to shut up. It worked. I was amazed.

Current Soundtrack: Love & Rockets, Seventh Dream of a Teenage Heaven (original version); In it For The Money limited edition second disc of B-sides


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