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Monday, March 24, 2003


Tired today. Drove back from Seattle and got in at 2 in the morning; was still in the office by 8. I work for you people.

Erasure was nothing short of fantastic. I was pumped by the end. Andy Bell continues to be over-the-top and camp, wearing an Old-West-style dress with a hoop skirt, then stripping down to just the hoop and leather get-up, and then even further down to just leather shorts and boots—shameless. The set dressing was made to look like an old house, complete with reclining couch and a screen for changing. It was just Andy and Vince on stage, along with two back-up singers.

I overheard the couple next to me commenting on how many bald heads there were in the audience, and how the crowd was so old—before one of them had the realization, “Then again, we’re 35.”

I expected a set made up almost entirely of covers from Other People’s Songs, but we only got about five in the two hour show. The rest were almost completely the hits, skipping only the Cowboy album. We got “Stop,” “Always,” “A Little Respect,” “Rock Me Gently,” "Love to Hate You," "Alien," "Breath of Life," “In Your Arms,” “Blue Savannah,” "Chains of Love," "Chorus," “Victim of Love,” “Ship of Fools,” "Oh, L'Amour," “Sometimes”—and more. The highlight though was Wild!’s gorgeous “Piano Song.” Very much a surprise.

The girl in front of me I swear could have been Parker Posey’s sister. I was pretty smitten, and spent the show imagining in my head that I was smooth, and all the things I’d say to her if I was as cool as I fantasize myself as being. It could have been lovely.


The oft-mentioned and much beloved Kelly Sue DeConnick has a new website. Visit it and give it kisses.

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