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Thursday, March 20, 2003


So if I went by what some people say, I shouldn’t post in my blog because, well, there is a war, and somehow it’s inappropriate for me to talk about a girly manga like Man of Many Faces when people are dying.

I mean, no one has said that straight-up, but the thought seems to be a running theme in a lot of stuff. On NPR, there was a story on spring breakers, where some well-meaning college girl said, “It feels surreal to be lying on a beach while soldiers are on the other side of the world in mortal danger.” It’s a nice thought, and certainly life is different, but maybe the bigger question should be more about why normally you wouldn’t consider how lucky you are to be able to take a spring break when some people would love to have a job to take a break from, or the chance to go to school. Or that cops and fire fighters and other people are in danger every day.

I support the troops. My support is in wanting them to not have to fight and to come home safely. And my support is in making sure that life continues apace and that we continue to live it, which in some way is what they are fighting for. Are we all just supposed to hit pause until this is all over?

Howard Stern seems to be the most hypocritical. I like his show a lot, because it’s sick and wrong, but there is something ridiculous in him beating up celebrities for going forward with the Oscars, saying it’s self-centered and inappropriate. Yet he hasn’t stopped talking about anal sex and boobs to only discuss the war. He still details the minutiae of his life. That’s not self-centered?

To be honest, the only disappointing thing about the Oscars going forward is that they may not have the good sense to be frivolous. By Sunday night, I am sure we’ll all be sick of the endless loop of news, where the stations somehow stretch an hour of information into 24. We’ll want all the celebs to look fab and be dumb, but they’ll all feel like they have to be serious. Thank God I’ll be at the Erasure concert instead. I can’t imagine Andy Bell’s frivolity can be contained.

So, I stick with Man of Many Faces, because I am shallow and selfish and want my paychecks and entertainment.

Weirdly, Cheddar James and I have both noticed a strange increase in spam in general, and penis-enlarging spam in specific. Could someone be trying to get the message out, that if we made our rods bigger we wouldn’t feel the need to go fight?

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