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Monday, March 31, 2003


Lance Scott, star of The Everlasting and proprietor of the Confessions 1,2,3 website has a new live journal. I wasn't going to announce it right away, as I wanted to get some entries under my belt and foster the illusion that it was real and see what I could do with it. It's a writing exercise, keeping the character alive for me while I work on the book. I think he is going to become my Rabbit (Updike, not Eminem) or Zuckerman, and will likely stick around for a while. Unfortunately, I used this account, given to me by Elin Winkler, to create a friends list for other people's live journals to make it easier to read them all. They sussed it out pretty quick (and one of them seems really creeped out by it). So if you are interested in reading the fiction that I will create there, please play it straight in the comments sections. Don't tip my hand. I like the idea that people who have no idea what it is stumbling across it and thinking it's real.

Current Soundtrack: can't say, because too many people will e-mail me asking me for copies ;)

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