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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Weird stats I didn't know existed 1: I wasn't aware Blogger kept track of such things:

User Stats
On Blogger Since October 2002
Recent Posts: 20
Avg Posts Per Week: 2
Posts Written: 300
Words Written: 139,885
Outbound Links: 2,132

I wonder, too, how accurate that is, considering my profile links to my "most recent posts," and those are dated November 2004.

Weird stats I didn't know existed 2: When did Amazon create the Statistically Improbable Phrase feature for books? Apparently, Cut My Hair leads the way in having more references to "striped girl" than any other book on the site. I clock in at 3. You can see the actual quotes of the instances and my competition here.

When I found this yesterday, I nearly plotzed when there were two typos in the three quotes. I quickly checked the printed edition, however, and the typos are Amazon's, not mine.

I also like if you follow their "A9 Search for 'striped girl'" that the link to Cut My Hair is eighth in line. A search to lead me right back to where I was!

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