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Thursday, March 17, 2005


Spent yesterday with Lynn Adair, the freelance copy editor on I Was Someone Dead (and who worked at Dark Horse when I did), going over her notes and making the corrections. It was a strange experience. A copy editor questions everything, pulling sentences out of context and forcing them to speak for themselves. It's interesting to hear/see your words like that, almost as if spoken by another voice.

It's also a little demoralizing to see how you make the same kinds of mistakes over and over and over. I was pretty drained by the end of the day.

I finished up the rest of the work on the manuscript today. We had a highlighter system to track our changes: yellow was corrected on the digital file, pink was rejected, and blue was something I had to think over. I think there were five or six blues. So, I messed with those this morning, as well as snipping out 2/3 of the preface. I then went through and made notes to Keith Wood about layout, including where Andi Watson wanted illustrations, discovered I had spelled Lao-Tzu wrong, and then sent the whole thing to Keith to work his wizadry on. We are currently ahead of schedule, I think.

Typed up the last of my handwritten work on "No Brakes, I Don't Mind," and decided what I had thought might make a provisional ending doesn't work, and I am kind of starting to think I don't care for the story that much. 10,000 words. I may have to let it rest for a bit.

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