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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


My new desktop:

I actually stole it from the website for Racine, the new band by ex-Transvision Vamp Wendy James. It's too bad this image, which I am sure they didn't create (I haven't yet seen this film, not sure where the image is from) is better than the samples of the music. I was fairly ambivalent to Transvision Vamp. They had great singles but patchy albums. In some ways, they were the Rolling Stones in opposition to The Primitives' role as The Beatles of the early '90s blonde pop scene, but if the Stones didn't really have the tunes. I did like James' solo record, Now Ain't the Time for Your Tears, largely because that was penned by Elvis Costello. It doesn't sound to me like this limp indie disco is going to bring James back into the public eye.

Current Sountrack: Gorillaz, "Dirty Harry" (which, as "Don't Need a Gun," was one of the better tracks on Damon Albarn's tossed-off solo album Democrazy, but isn't all that interesting as a return for this side project, is it? Especially with its desire to make us think of their classic "Clint Eastwood." I got it off iTunes); Bloc Party, Silent Alarm

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