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Friday, March 04, 2005


This is an iTurnes survey I saw on Laminatedcats live journal. I liked it, so I nicked it.

How many total songs?

Sort by Song Title
First: "J.P." - Kenickie
Last: Yumeji's Theme + Li-Zhen's Dialogue – In The Mood for Love Soundtrack

Sort by Time
First: Intro - Muse (22 seconds) (from Absolution)
Last: Good Intentions Heal The Soul - Mansun (26 min., 12 seconds)

Sort by Album
First: 'neath Your Covers - The Cowboy Junkies
Last: Zenkyoku Shu - Meiko Kaji

Sort by Artist
First: 101ers
Last: Faye Wong, due to the fact that it puts her name in Chinese characters; Yo-Yo Ma & Ennio Morricone if we stick to English

Top Ten Most Played Songs
01. The Never-Played Symphonies – Morrissey (ironic, no?)
02. Jenny Was A Friend of Mine – The Killers
03. Here I Go Impossible Again - Erasure
04. Who Let You Go? (iTunes Version) – The Killers
05. Communication - Cardigans
06. I Bet You’re Mad At Me - Erasure
07. My Life is a Succession of People Saying Goodbye - Morrissey
08. Don’t Make Fun of Daddy’s Voice - Morrissey
09. No One Can Hold a Candle to You - Raymonde
10. Jealousy – Dubstar (covering the Pet Shop Boys)

Find "sex," how many songs show up?

Find "death," how many songs show up?

Find "love," how many songs show up?


Current Soundtrack: New Order, "Here To Stay"

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