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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Jamie Hype: I've done an interview for the cIndy Center podcast. This was the one where they let people post questions on their message board, and it worked out really well as a result. I got asked soem interesting things. Visit the cIndy Center here. I am posted in the 8/21 listing. You can also find this podcast on iTunes.

Musical Friends: I got an e-mail from Kevin Matthews the other day. Kevin is someone I know from way back in my Grendel days when he used to write letters to the comic. Kevin is a musician and he has a band called Popland. They have a classic indie rock feel, like Fountains of Wayne and the Judybats, and bigger touchstones like the Jam. You can see their MySpace page here and listen to some tunes. Or read Kevin's blog, Power of Pop.

New Comic Book Review: Graphitti Designs gave me a copy of the first prequel graphic novel to Richard Kelly's film Southland Tales, illustrated by Brett Weldele. DVDTalk thought it would be a cool thing to review for the site, and for lack of a better place to put it, it's in this week's Anime Talk column. Scroll down to the end of the page, it's the last item.

Karaoke Watch: Sunday was an unexpected karaoke event, and I tore up "Mr. Brigthside" by the Killers.

Current Soundtrack: sitcom reruns

Current Mood: headache, day 2

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